Sucess Trajetory The consolidation of Fugini in the market is a consequence of its unique ability to see opportunities, to be bold and to show how it is possible to do different and innovate!

The history of FUGINI has always been based on serious and committed work. It began in 1996, as Food Industry Fugita, in the city of Monte Alto (SP), traditionally agroindustrial region. In 1998, it became a supplier of the Cica brand, wich is recognized for its quality reference in the market. 

From 2003, it launched products with the FUGINI brand, licensed the Cica brand for jams, jellies and fruit in syrup and acquired a brand of great value - AMENDOCREM, becoming an important participant in the Brazilian market, operating from north to South of Brazil. 

In July 2004, Fugita, owned by Mr. Kogi Fugita, in partnership with Auro Ninelli, changed its corporate name to FUGINI ALIMENTOS LTDA.

As a supplier of raw material, it strengthened its own brand, its product line and started to have a strong presence in the market, being among the leading brands in the supermarket channel. Today, FUGINI is one of the main food industries in Brazil and maintains the leadership in the segment of Tomato Sauces, with 39,8% market share (SUperHiper Meu Fornecedor 2017), and presents a wide mix of products such as sweets, jellies, creams , fruit in syrup, tomato sauces and ready to eat dishes, vegetables, among others.

Aware of the new trends, FUGINI pioneered and innovated in several aspects in the food sector: 

  • Pioneer in the use of packaging stand up pouch (sachet), in the segment of tomato sauces; 
  • Launch of the Ready Meals Fugini Line, which inaugurated a new category of products, combining high technology, consumer economy and practicality with a line of products without preservatives; 
  • The “Spreads Line” – Fugini’s halzenut cream with cocoa and Peanut Butter, which brought innovation in the cost-benefit ratio of the category;
  • Jellies and Creamy Guava Fugini in stand up pouch, unprecedented product in this type of packaging;
  • Fugini’s Vegetables Line, products with the same quality and daring of the other products of the brand, in unprecedented packaging and practical for diverse profiles of consumers.
  • FUGINI is still an important producer of raw material and exporter of some items from its product line to several countries. 

Always striving for quality, FUGINI has modern factories. In 2010 it inaugurated its new plant in Cristalina (GO), with 25,000 m² of production area and modern automation and manufacturing systems. 

FUGINI's success story is only just beginning. Its consolidation in the market is a consequence of its unique ability to see the opportunities, to be daring and show how it is possible to do different and innovate.

Products Evolution
Develop the Brazilian food market, unlocking PROFIT for Fugini's shareholders, while delivering both INCOME and professional development to our employees.
Contribute to the well-being of society through tax collection and offer practical, modern and safe products with compatible prices.
Perpetuate the operation in a consistent and safe way through legal procedures and sustainable and innovative strategies of acting in the market.
Love: We have love for what we do and in everything we do;
Innovation: Be different, think different, do different, make the difference;
Respect: We value life, people, their culture and diversity;
Comunication: Always listen, be transparent and objective in all relations;
Focus: In results and high performance with sustentability.
Expand as much as possible our presence in national territory and in the future, international territory;
Total implantation of the industrial complexes at the cities of Monte Alto/SP and Cristalina/GO, that are going to be named “Fugini City”;
Control in a efficient way all the operation to obtain more competitiveness;
Increase added value through the launch of new products and new polices of administration, logistics and distribution;
Create a work environment where everybody values credibility, respect, impartiality and be proud of being a part of the Fugini Group.
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